The Corkscrew Room

Not too long ago, the lovely personal personal trainer and I decided to dormer out one of the upstairs bedrooms, as in their infinite wisdom the person(s) that built our house some 125 years ago didn’t feel compelled to take advantage of the fabulous view.

So after a bit of discussion, some measuring, a bit of drawing on the wall that would be demolished, and ordering the requisite window to take advantage of the aforementioned view, demo started, construction followed, and it turned out quiet well.


Except, this particular room is adjacent to the guest room–sometimes referred to as Tommy’s room–and we had toyed with taking down that wall and making a rather large guest room, and thus providing a view for the guests…  

Not that there isn’t a view from nearly every room in the house.

Over the recent weeks however, we have been leaning towards keeping the rooms separate, and then the other day, the lovely suggested we turn the newly dormered room into The Corkscrew Room

A room full of corkscrews?

Sounds like an outstanding idea!

Looks like it is time to start choosing paint colors, building cabinets, and finding some appropriate decor…





Pictures to follow as progress is made… and as corkscrews are acquired to fill said corkscrew room.

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