Kinsey Knight Part II

3 years ago, I blogged about a Syroco Knight corkscrew that had turned up on eBay with a steal of a buy it now at $125.00.

What was interesting about this particular corkscrew, besides the fact that it was the Syroco Knight, was that it came with what the seller described as the original box. And, it came with a business card for Kinsey as well.


You can read that blog entry here.

And, why are you revisiting this Josef?, you might be asking yourself.

Over the last day or so, another boxed Kinsey Knight corkscrew has turned up.  This one als0 on eBay, but sans the great buy it now price.

While we know that this is definitely a Syroco Golden Knight, it looks like the Kinsey Distilling Corporation of Linfield,  Pennsylvania makers of Linfield Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Maywood Brand Straight Rye Whiskey, and Kinsey Blended Whiskey (or perhaps Jim W. Frazier of Seattle Washington (as a representative for Kinsey Distilling Corporation) was giving these out as a presentation piece.


Of course, with another Kinsey knight turning up on eBay (here is the listing)


how could I not do a little more research?  With two boxed examples found, there has to be a connection between Kinsey and Syroco.

And, what would turn up…but an advertisement for Kinsey Silver Whiskey

And, more importantly, Kinsey Gold.


A pretty striking resemblance…





3 responses

  1. The Golden Knight could very well have been made by Syroco for Kinsey. The advertisement certainly points that way. Makes one wonder if there was a Silver Knight!

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