From a 1908 issue of The Tobacco Leaf


A bit more on the A.W. Stephens patent…

How many times we men find ourselves without the proper means to perforate the end of a cigar and perforce have to bite the same ! This difficulty, we are glad to say has been lessened considerably by a little combination cork-screw and cigar perforator which the A.W. Stephens Manufacturing Co., Waltham, Mass., have just introduced to the trade. The article consists of a wooden cover in which is inserted a durable wire cork-screw. The sharp end of the cork-screw comes through a tiny hole in the one end of the sheath and allows any man to insert his cigar therein and perforate the end of it. This cork-screw and cigar perforator is a handy little advertising novelty in…sheath permits…advertisement.

I apologize for the ellipses,  but the end of the paragraph from Tobacco Leaf has gone missing, or more accurately, is obscured by the Digitized by Google logo.


If any of you have an A.W. Stephens patent corkscrew with cigar perforator, drop me a line!


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