So… is that a Perille Coffee Grinder?

Earlier this week, on a non-eBay auction site, a group of barware was listed, and there were a few corkscrews amongst the other items


Okay so there is a Walker, some bakelite handled thing, and is that a Perille Coffee Grinder handle that I see?


There were a few additional photos, and it pretty much looks like it very well could be a Perille.  The helix has an odd bend to it, but still…

It looks the Perille with a wooden handle rather than a bone handle.  I brightened the photos and looked again.


And, suddenly you can see the little ball end of the Perille handle that tops the corkscrew.

I placed a bid, and figured, “why not take a chance.”

I got an email yesterday, and it seems, apparently, I won!

If anyone needs a Walker, a bakelite handled corkscrew, or a bunch of flamingo swizzle sticks, let me know.  I have extras.


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