As mentioned the other day, I picked up this Albert Pick “Pix” champagne tap that came with the original instructions.

It arrived yesterday, and after reading through the instructions several times, and then aloud to the lovely personal personal trainer, where we had a good laugh over the instructions for use, the lovely remarked, “oh, I am thinking there is a blog entry here.”


Please retrieve an ice pick or nail (and perhaps a hammer), awl, a mixing spoon, piece of wire, a bottle of champagne, and your PIX EXCLUSIVE CHAMPAGNE TAP and play along.

You might need a bar towel as well.


Follow these simple directions and this tap will give lifetime service

First — Punch metal cap over cork with ice pick or nail.

(I am thinking that taking an ice pick, and ramming it through the metal cap of a champagne cork might lead to a few issues…keep that bar towel handy for the impending blood letting)

Second — Use gimlet to bore hole through cork.

Third — Push handle of plain mixing spoon through cork to remove particles of cork.

(Now, maybe I am missing something here, but if you have a effervescent bubbly, and you just drilled a hole in the cork, wouldn’t the champagne come spraying out through the hole?  And, while the champagne is spraying out, you are supposed to insert a handle of a spoon into the hole?  Again, the bar towel would come handy here, as now you are sopping up the champagne that has left the bottle through the recently added hole.)

Fourth — Insert Tap.

(Okay…hole sealed…now we are move forward).

Should tap become clogged remove screw in bottom and run fine wire through the hole at the top.

To serve champagne at its best put ice in the glass before serving champagne.





Needless to say, I haven’t tried the Albert Pick tap in the manner as described, but it is very cool looking piece, and I have found a reference to the tap in a 1935 issue of Hotel Monthly, so we can somewhat date it.

If I find any other information on it, I will report back here.

Stay Tuned




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