Leon arrives, and we soon depart for the AGM.

The past few weeks have been fun-filled.

Leon came for a visit just last week, and narrowly made it onto the boat.

With the lovely personal personal trainer on the mainland, and Leon heading north as fast as traffic would allow, she somehow convinced the ferry crew to delay their departure just enough so Leon could round the corner into the ferry terminal, head right for the boat, and they allowed him to get right on.  1 minute past departure time, Leon was safely aboard with the lovely.


Corkscrews, wine, stories, laughter, hikes on Lane’s Island, Lobster; it was a fun, albeit very quick, trip.

Come back soon Leon!

Of course the island this time of year is teeming with people.  Islanders, Summer people, day trippers; the swimming quarries are frequented, the wine shop is busy, and the “season” is in full swing.

In midst of the busyness of it all, I recently “mailed” out the latest issue of the The Bottle Scrue Times with part of its focus being on the upcoming AGM.    And, it is to the Annual General Meeting we will soon be headed.  Tomorrow we hop on the 8:45 boat, and after a few errands we will head down to Boston, where the following morning we will fly out to Vancouver, ultimately arriving in Nanaimo for the ICCA get together.

I have brought a few corkscrews for the show and tell, a few more for the annual auction, and even more for the buy and sell.

It will be fun to reunite with old friends, and perhaps find a corkscrew or two to add to the collection.

I will update the blog as the events transpire.  Stay tuned.


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