and even more updates…

After a lovely dinner at a local Italian restaurant, and probably a glass of wine at the hotel, we called it an evening.  The following morning was going to be a fun day, as after breakfast we were to board four different busses, and head into the wine country for a bit of tasting.  And, taste we did.


Four different wineries and a cider place were the venues for the tastings, and we had a genuinely good time enjoying the wines.  Meanwhile, Tommy was making friends with our driver and tour guide.


After lots of tasting, a bit of lunch, which was followed by more tasting, we made it back to the hotel–with about an hour before were were going be heading out to dinner.  A great day filled with laughter, followed by a bit of wine and more laughter.

The next morning it was auction time.  And, we during breakfast we dutifully filled out auction forms, and set out our available items.


The auction went well, with most lots selling.  And, there were a couple of bidding wars.  The highest price item was an unusual example of the Lew patent prongs with an atypical bottle opener on the side.

Though Tommy wasn’t involved in this that auction, there were a couple he was after but given he was up against Fotodeal, he lost out; not for a lack of trying, mind you.

As for me, this time around, I was was more of a seller than a buyer.  Still, I was pleased with the results, and it was good to see so many corkscrews changing hands.

Following the auction, there were a couple of presentations; most notably, as Fred O’Leary was in attendance, an update on the patented American corkscrews found in the last few years.  It is also 20 years since the publication of O’Leary’s book, and the first meeting he has attended 2008.


After John Morris’ presentation on American patents, Don Bull presented on Corkers, as well as provided some comic relief.  This was then followed by our AGM.

The AGM had much information, and there were some exciting announcements.  Our 2017 meeting will be held in Mainz, Germany, and Sue and I proposed hosting in Maine for 2018.  Also, there were new officers elected, and the new Right of the ICCA is Barry Taylor, with the new Chief Correspondent Ian Hunter.

Following the AGM, it was a bit of time on your own, which was followed by the annual gala.  Tommy was master of the punch, which was enjoyed by all, and after dinner and conversation there was a bit of music and dancing.  A great time was had by all.

Today, after breakfast and goodbyes and farewells, several of us boarded seaplanes bound for Vancouver–followed by taxi rides to Granville Island, where the CCCC meeting will begin tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will start the festivities, and I will report back here soon enough.  Stay tuned.


And, more updates

Following a brief celebration, having both acquired original Henshalls, amongst other treasures, it was time to get ready for the official DD collection visit, and after everyone was ready, we headed down to board busses over to the house.  A lovely buffet was offered by a local caterer, and Addicts and Go-Withs enjoyed viewing the collection, and looking at some unusual versions of the Thomason (Dave loves Thomasons).




Conversations were had, stories were shared, and the attendees were in a jovial mood.  Corkscrews were retrieved from the cases and examined, and having remembered that Dave had mentioned that he was looking for a Crosby Pup (and having just acquired a second one) I asked about a piece to which he didn’t seem that attached.


Deal done again…

A nice Twigg, it is well marked, and will be a nice addition to the collection.

As the viewing came to a close, and there were a few other corkscrews that exchanged hands at DD’s house, we made it back to the hotel.  Still, early, TC, the lovely, and I headed out to a little Italian place for dinner.

A fun day, with some nice corkscrews added to the collection.

And, there is so much more to tell.  Stay tuned.

updates from the ICCA AGM…

On day one of our Nanaimo adventure, Tommy had already landed in Vancouver, and after we landed and our luggage arrived, the driver we had contracted, picked us up and drove the hour plus to Horseshoe Bay, where we boarded at ferry, and made the 1.5 hour crossing to Nanaimo.

We passed the time by catching up on the latest, discussed future travel plans, and just enjoyed the beauty of the area.

After disembarking, we hopped into a taxi, that took us to the Coast Bastion Inn. A lovely hotel, with fantastic views.

While I will provide a more detailed description in the days to come, I figured a few photos might provide a glimpse into the adventure thus far.


As we arrived a day early, but also having been traveling for two days, we decided to have dinner that hotel, and call it a (relatively) early evening.

The next day we wandered the area, having lunch at Palapas (good Mexican on the water), and decided to take a seaplane tour of the area.  As it happens, Klaus (who is also here for the meeting) was going to be not the same flight.  It was quite a fun way to see Nanaimo and the environs.

Following the flight, it was time for registration for the meeting, which would be followed by the Right’s Reception.




It was great to reconnect with old friends, and to welcome a new member into the ICCA.

Following the reception, it was dinner on our own, and TC, the lovely, and I headed up to a nice little Greek restaurant that we had discovered earlier in our wandering around.

The next morning was the buy and sell and show and tell.  And, corkscrews were bought and sold, and shown and talked about.  While there were many interesting pieces, John Morris had a cool little U-Neek looking T.  Very Cool!


While we were buying and selling, our host DD, had asked if there was anything I was looking for.  I mentioned a few.  And, he said he might have a few for me.  Then, as we were cleaning up after the buy and sell, I got word that Tommy and I were invited to DD’s house to look at his junk.  We went!

As it happened, the plan was to have everyone over to the house at 4:00 for a buffet, and a viewing of the collection.  And, after getting our preview, we headed down to the lower floor to see the “junk.”

We all have junk.  Corkscrews that we bought that mean less to us now than when we bought them.  Corkscrews that came in a lot, where we were only after the hard to find piece, but had to buy the entire lot to get it.  And, over time it just grows and grows.

Truth is, Dave didn’t have much junk.  Still, I picked up a couple of pieces, and asked about a Mumford patent that we had talked about earlier in the day.  He gave a price, we negotiated a bit, and we agreed.  And, I headed upstairs to retrieve it.

By the time I had gotten back downstairs, apparently another deal had been made.  And, Tommy had made a trade for some Syroco pieces that DD was enamored with for a nice English piece.  And, in short order, another deal was done.  Throwing caution to the wind, I made an offer of my own.  Done, again.


With trades and deals made, we finished a glass of wine and headed back to the hotel.

The lovely was waiting for us, with chilled champagne.  We stopped by the bar, and picked up some champagne flutes, to celebrate the trades/deals made.


Returning with a treasure trove of corkscrews…

And, this is only the beginning.  Plenty more stories to tell about the Nanaimo adventure…  Stay tuned.