And, more updates

Following a brief celebration, having both acquired original Henshalls, amongst other treasures, it was time to get ready for the official DD collection visit, and after everyone was ready, we headed down to board busses over to the house.  A lovely buffet was offered by a local caterer, and Addicts and Go-Withs enjoyed viewing the collection, and looking at some unusual versions of the Thomason (Dave loves Thomasons).




Conversations were had, stories were shared, and the attendees were in a jovial mood.  Corkscrews were retrieved from the cases and examined, and having remembered that Dave had mentioned that he was looking for a Crosby Pup (and having just acquired a second one) I asked about a piece to which he didn’t seem that attached.


Deal done again…

A nice Twigg, it is well marked, and will be a nice addition to the collection.

As the viewing came to a close, and there were a few other corkscrews that exchanged hands at DD’s house, we made it back to the hotel.  Still, early, TC, the lovely, and I headed out to a little Italian place for dinner.

A fun day, with some nice corkscrews added to the collection.

And, there is so much more to tell.  Stay tuned.

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