CCCC AGM, Union Antiques Fair, and back on the island

The lovely personal personal trainer and I arrived back home on Saturday, and have been catching up with things that last few days.

The CCCC meeting was fabulous, but it really started a day early with several of us hopping a seaplane from Nanaimo to Vancouver.


After landing in Vancouver, and hopping in a taxi, soon enough we found ourselves on Granville Island.

Interesting to note, that we had the exact same room the last time we were in Vancouver for the CCCC AGM in 2005.


Given we had a bit of time that first day, we spent the afternoon meandering around Granville Island, and of course this would include a trip to the market there–how could you not want one of the sausage?


The following day, we headed off to Kitsilano for a bit of exploring.  Breakfast at Sophie’s was excellent, and dodging a bit of rain, we put in a fair amount of miles checking out the environs.

After our walking adventure, we headed back to the hotel to pick up our registration information, and to get ready for the reception to follow.


It was quite fun to see old friends!

The opening night reception, held in the hotel, was followed by dinner on your own.  We headed over to Cat’s Social with a small group and had a fabulous time.

The next morning was the buy and sell, followed by the auction.  And, as was the theme at the ICCA meeting, there were lots of corkscrews changing hands.

IMG_3985 IMG_3990 IMG_3989 IMG_3988 IMG_3987 IMG_3986


Following the buy sell and auction (and lunch, and Earl’s which on Wednesdays happens to be half price wine day), we headed over to the Corkscrew Inn and Wayne and Sal’s for a corkscrew viewing, wine and cheese, and a demonstration of Wayne’s steam engine corkscrew.

IMG_4002 IMG_4003 IMG_4004

Earlier in the day, I had spoken to Wayne about corkscrews and the like, and mentioned that I should go through his junk box; not that there were any junk boxes laying around the house.  Still, I did ask him where his duplicates/surplus was, and he explained in two drawers in the shop.  I rifled around, and what would appear, but a Twigg and Bateman patent.  With everyone else admiring the fabulous collection, I inquired as to whether this would be available.  Given he had just upgraded on that particular corkscrew, he asked me to make an offer.  I did, he countered, and a deal was done!


And, for the rest of the visit, I carried said Twigg and Bateman around with me–this prompted several other collectors to check out the aforementioned two drawers.

After the W & S visit, we headed back to the hotel, which was then followed by a gala dinner, which was also followed by a little wine in our room.  As mentioned above, we had the same room as 11 years ago, but it is a bit bigger than the other rooms, not that we requested  that it would be.  And, with Tommy’s room actually connecting to ours, the L’Africain room became the location for happy hour the entire time we were in Granville Island–with much of the wine coming from Liberty Wines also located on Granville.

The following morning was the second chance buy and sell, the show and tell, and the official AGM.  Once again, lots of corkscrews changed hands, corkscrews were shown and talked about, and the at the AGM we were given a preview of the upcoming meeting, as well as a bit of information regarding the new CCCC website which is under construction.

After the meeting, it was time for a farewell luncheon, at which time–after a bit of messaging with TC as he had to leave early to catch a plane, it was announced that the 2018 CCCC–if members approve–will be hosted in Portland, Maine by the newest CCCC member Sue L’Africain, myself, and Tommy Campnell.  We will be hosting the ICCA that year, so why not do both : )

As lunch came to a close, there were lots of hugs, handshakes, and good byes.  A fabulous meeting, and we look forward to next year.

The next morning, the lovely and I hopped a plane to Toronto, then another to Boston, and after a bit of driving made our way to a hotel for the evening.  And, after a few errands the next morning, made our way to the Union Antiques Fair.  Not many corkscrews to be had this year, but you just never know what might turn up.

IMG_4025 IMG_4026 IMG_4027 IMG_4028

There was also a broken four pillar king’s rack, that I did pick up.  Not that I really need a broken corkscrew, but at 20 bucks, it was a good conversation piece.


After Union, the lovely and I hopped the boat back to the island.  And, now it is back to personal training and selling wine.  If any other corkscrews turn up, I will report back here.
Stay tuned…

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