Indispensable to the Automobilist, the Householder, the Farmer, the Mechanic-The Layman-everyone!

Several years ago, I picked up a Handy-Man Combination Tool Kit.  An interesting multi-tool, it had a handle which would hold several tools in the handle, and a chuck into which a tool would be attached for use.

This particular tool kit made its way into someone else’s collection, and I have been looking for another one ever since.

Yesterday, a deal was agreed upon for another Handy-Man Combination Tool Kit.

Now, for those of you that are long time readers, I wrote about this back in July of 2010, you may recall that the handle of the tool kit is marked PATS. APPLD FOR  (I am guessing, that would indicate multiple patents were applied for).

It also is due that particular mark, that John Morris included this in his latest O’Leary update–just the other day in Nanaimo.

I have tried multiple times to figure out if a patent was awarded for this piece, but to no avail.  What I have found are two advertisements for it.  One from 1915 and another from 1918, which helps to provide a date of manufacture.




An interesting tool, that was featured in an article by Don Bull in the Winter 2012 issue of The Bottle Scrue Times.  If anyone has any clues as to a patent for this tool kit, it would be greatly appreciated.