PAT APL’D FOR can opener with corkscrew


The other day I mentioned an unusual can opener with corkscrew that I picked up on ebay. It recently arrived, and it is indeed pretty cool it is marked on the can opener PAT. APL’D FOR.


As you can see, there is a crack in the handle, but given that neither Barry or John have seen this piece before (we talked about it at the meetings) it was still worth the price of admission.


While I was talking with Barry about the piece, we both thought it looked familiar.

While cracked it doesn’t look broken or missing anything, and we both thought it looked remarkably similar to the can opener with pie crimper on the end.

In examining it closely, there is no breakage at the end of the handle, it is rounded and smooth, but the rest of the piece indeed is a dead ringer for the pie crimper version.

The picture below is from John Morris’ presentation on patent wannabes (updating O’Leary) in 2012 in Chicago at the ICCA AGM.


The search for the patent drawings will continue, and perhaps we will find something on either example.  That said, I would love to add the pie crimper version to the collection.  So, if anyone has this, drop me a line.

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