Underhay II

As mentioned earlier this year, I managed to pick up a wooden sheathed corkscrew marked Underhay Oil.  And, for those of you that are regular readers, I shared with all of you that this particular wooden sheath corkscrew wasn’t a Clough, but was instead an A.W. Stephens patent cigar perforator–one that is pretty rare in the grand scheme of things, with only 3 (and now 4) having been found.


As it happened, 10 years ago when Mark Woodard wrote his article about finding the Stephens patent, shortly thereafter I managed to find a matching advertising corkscrew also patented by Stephens.  This time it isn’t the cigar perforator, but instead the “ALL-WAYS” with the Underhay Oil Advertisement.


I can’t remember if I bought it and sent it to him, or if it was online, and I told him about it.  Either way, I thought it was a neat thing that the Underhay Oil Co, was using two different A.W. Stephens patent corkscrew to advertise their company.

The other day, I found another example, and picked it up.


In nice shape, it has the Underhay Oil ad, as well as the patent information: A.W. STEPHENS MFG. CO. WALTHAM, MASS PAT. APRIL 30, 1901.


Not a rare corkscrew, but a nice companion piece to the Underhay Oil cigar perforator.

Now, as it happened, I sent the Underhay Oil cigar perforator corkscrew to TC, as I already owned the same patent with a different advertisement.  So…what do to with this one.  Throw it in the TC drawer for his next visit?  I am thinking so.

It’s yours TC!