Tapping a Bottle of Wine Without Losing Its Sparkle

From the October 27, 1894 issue of The Cincinnati Enquirer:


Tapping a Bottle of Wine Without Losing Its Sparkle

The accompanying illustration represents an elevation of a compact, neat, and efficient little tap to be inserted in corked bottles or receptacles containing aerated waters, sparking wines, &c. so as to place their contents under convenient control.


It will be seen at a glance to consist of a tap, designed after the form of a corkscrew. By the use of this appropriate use of this device it will be readily understood that there need be no escape of gas or liquid or dripping from bottles charged with effervescent drinks, and undoubtedly, with sound corks, it should answer its purpose admirably.

The construction will be seen to consist of a screw formed shank, which is bored to communicate with the transverse tubular handle, which is controlled at one end by a miniature plunger tap or valve.

It may be formed of white metal plated with silver, which gives it a very smart finished appearance and prevents any corrosion of the metal. By its employment a spoonful of liquid can be as easily withdrawn from a bottle or receptacle as a glass or tumblerful.

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