You can sell cork screws

From an 1889 issue of The House Furnishing Review:


You Can Sell Cork Screws at 100 per cent. Profit by displaying this beautiful nickeled enameled Stand on your show case. Furnished free with order for Cork Screws. Each Screw tested and put up in printed cartoons. Every one sold creates demand for more. Write for catalogue and prices.

So…do you think they meant that each one would be put in a carton?

Or, were did they intend the advertisement to read cartoon?

I am guessing carton, as every once in a while one turns up with its original packaging.


After looking at other advertisements from that time, albeit a bit later, they corrected the error:


Either way, carton or cartoon, I would be rather animated if someone had one of these for sale or trade. I would love to add the display stand / advertising piece to the collection.


If you have one, or any other corkscrews with which you would like to part, drop me a line.