the “inside information”

After publishing the Emulsion de Scott blog this morning, I promptly received an email from Don Bull.  Turns out that his Emulsion de Scott is indeed marked on the inside of the band as well.


Here is the “inside information.”

The inside of the band is marked:

Clough and Maconnell New York

Para La Tisis Eserofula Etc

Scott & Bowne, New York

Clough’s Patent, July 22-84

Don also followed up with bit more insider information. Here are a few more Cloughs that have advertising/information on the inside of the band:

Inside of Use Wright’s Liver Pills: Clough’s Improved Cork Screw Patent July 22-84

Inside of Lactopeptine for Dyspepsia: For Indigestion, Clough’s Cork Screw, Pat. July 22-84

Inside of Carter’s Inks (small version): Clough’s Cork Screw, Clough & Maconnell, New York, Pat. July 22-84

Inside of Warner’s Safe Cure: Tippecanoe, Clough’s Patent, July 22-84

Thanks Don!

Scott’s Emulsion / Emulsion De Scott

According to Don Bull’s website, and more recently Barry Taylor’s article on Clough medicine corkscrews, there are a couple of different versions of the Clough metal band corkscrew advertising Scott’s Emulsion.


Don’s list of known advertisements mentioned Scott’s Emulsion and Emulsion de Scott.



In Barry’s article he mentions the both versions, but also includes that there is a red version of the Emulsion de Scott.

Yesterday, the Emulsion de Scott example came up on a buy it now or best offer on eBay.

In looking closely at the image (and actually blowing it up a bit on photoshop) it looks to have writing on the inside of the band.  This writing is not mentioned in either Don’s or Barry’s respective publications.  Is this yet another version?  Check your Emulsion de Scott corkscrew… does it have writing inside the band?


From the image on the eBay listing, it looks to have MACCONNELL NEW YORK, and some additional information for Scott’s.  I did ask the seller if they would share what it says, but they couldn’t quite make it out.

When it arrives here on the island, I will update with the “inside information.”


If you have an unusual advertising Clough medicine band corkscrews, feel free to send pictures, I am always open to a trade.