best 6 candidate

It has been 20 years since Fred O’Leary published his tome on American corkscrews, and while I have pretty much every book ever written on corkscrews, it is Fred’s to which I most often turn.

Now, I haven’t committed every corkscrew in his book, or every patent drawing pictured in the back of O’Leary, to memory.  But…almost.

As it happened, yesterday, I was perusing ebay, and a somewhat familiar corkscrew was available for a pretty low buy it now.  Under 20 bucks; I saw the images and thought… is that a ?????

As my copy of O’Leary was sitting nearby, I went over and thumbed through the pages.

What year was that again?

And, then I thought for a moment, perhaps I should simply buy it and look after the fact.  It did have a buy it now, after all.

I went back to my laptop, hit the button, paid for the corkscrew, and went back to O’Leary.

And, there it was.  On Page 68.

Now there is a story about this corkscrew.  Years ago, I had an interesting folding corkscrew with advertising that had gone missing.  And, in conversation with John Morris, I was sharing the tale, when he remarked that he had an American patented corkscrew that too had gone missing.  As we both had found another example of our wayward treasures, we agreed that if ever the two showed up, we would trade the two.

That was many years ago, and the folding corkscrew has yet to show up, and I am guessing John’s missing American piece is still missing.

(okay, get to the point Josef)

On page 68 of O’Leary in the upper left hand corner is the Smith patent.  A simple T-pull with a twisted helix wire helix.  Beyond the one in O’Leary, and the one in John’s collection (make that technically two in John’s collection if he ever finds the missing one) I have never seen another example.


Until yesterday.


Definitely a best 6 candidate, and I will share better images upon its arrival.

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