Greenwich Champagne Tap

This morning, over coffee (big surprise) I was making the usual rounds.  Auctions, eBay, etc., and ran into a listing that I found most interesting.  It was for a champagne tap with what looks to be the original box, but one that didn’t look familiar.

With all of my corkscrew books (minus O’Leary and Bull’s ultimate) currently in storage whilst I build cabinetry for the “corkscrew room,” I dropped an email to Don asking if within his book on Champagne Collectibles was there a reference for a Greenwich Champagne Tap.

In short order (relatively short order), I received an email from Don:

“Not in Champagne Collectibles and not familiar with the Greenwich Tap…”

I knew I hadn’t seen it before.


I went back to the listing, bought and paid for the tap, and immediately started searching “Greenwich Champagne Tap” and the company name on the box.


So far, nothing has really come up.

Do any of you have this tap?  Do any of you have information about this tap.

The box has the following writing:

Greenwich Champagne Tap

DIRECTIONS –The top screw must be closed when inserting the tap in the cork. Top open give the top screw about two turns back, and reverse. Be sure to close it.

Meinecke & Co., NEW YORK

Once it arrives, we will see if there any other clues about the piece…



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