Trunk II


A couple of years ago, I managed to find evidence that Anton Trunk was involved in the Frary Cutlery Company.  While I had wanted to add an Anton Trunk Patent (1886 #D-16,799) corkscrew to the collection prior to uncovering this piece of information, it made the want a little more like a necessity, and in 2014 I did manage to acquire one, and it made my best 6 for that year.


And, having acquired a Trunk, and having been able to provide a few linkages to Frary, I added a Trunk page to the website.  You can visit that page here.

Of course, if you look at O’Leary, you would note that there are two variations of the Trunk.  One nude, and one that reflects the patent drawing, with her wearing some sort of britches…

As it happens, the other day, I ran into another version of the Trunk.   The photos online were rather dark, and I couldn’t make out if the helix was in good shape, but the price was fair enough, and I snapped it up.

It arrived yesterday.

In looking at the photos online, I didn’t realize how different the two versions are.  Obviously, if one was nude, and one wasn’t, there were two different castings.  And, when you put them side by side, you can see how different one is from the other.


Of course the helixes are different as well:


And, neither are marked with any patent information.

Still, I am quite pleased to have the second (or first) version of the Trunk patent, and I am pretty sure she will make the best 6 of the year.

If any of you have any information on Anton Trunk’s corkscrew, please drop me a line, I would happily add it here, and to the website.