The Traveller’s Companion

About a week ago, I was doing a little somewhat random search on eBay, and an interesting folding bow turned up.  A ten tool bow in pretty nice shape, it clearly had a corkscrew amongst the tools, but the word corkscrew (or cork screw) was nowhere to be found in the listing.


With a starting bid of £ .99, I placed bid, and over the week would revisit eBay and check on the item.  Yesterday came a second bid, and we were now up to £ 1.04.


Over the course of the day, there was another bid, and then another.  Still, with about 15 minutes to go, it was hovering at about £10.  I placed a bid of £15, and thought…would this hold up?

Of course it won’t…

As we passed the 5 minutes remaining mark, I was outbid, and the piece sat at £16…

With a few minutes left to go, I went a bit higher…

And, I ended up winning the piece for £21.

Apparently, it went largely unnoticed by the usual suspects.

These days, with the exchange rate that is about 25.54 in US dollars.  And, at 2.55 per tool, it is a pretty smoking deal.

Now this particular bow is also marked, Arnold, 61,A, Piccadilly.


And, with a bit of searching around, I found this advertisement in an issue of The Connoisseur: A magazine for collectors from 1901.


A nice Traveller’s Companion to add to the corkscrew collection!

Do you have a folding bow corkscrew with multiple tools?  I will happily pay 2.55 per tool.  Maybe a little more.

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