off for a few days

The lovely personal personal trainer have been off island for a few days, as we headed to Chicago for a small corkscrewteer meeting.


Interestingly, we arrived in Chicago on Friday, and after grabbing our bags from baggage claim, we headed to the train station only to find hundreds (not an exaggeration) of Chicago Cub jersey clad fans waiting to buy tickets to board the El to get into town.  Apparently it was the day of the Chicago Cubs victory parade, and millions were flooding into the city.  And, when I say millions, it was crazy!

Still, with the lovely armed with Apple-pay, we were able to skip the ticket lines, and get on a very crowded train until we got close enough where we could walk.  The streets were brimming with Cubs fans (and lots of Rugby fans as well).

As often is the case when the lovely and I return to Chicago, we check out our favorite haunts from when we called Chicago home.  So, we traipsed around, reminiscing about the 6 years we lived there–and, a little bit about the Chicago ICCA meetings.

The plan was, at an appointed time, to meet up with Tommy, who had picked up Leon from his hotel, and meet at Goose Island Brewing, for a little tasting an a tour.  Tommy and Leon messaged to explain they were already there, so the lovely and I hopped in a cab and were there in short order.


Following the tour and some good beer, we headed to the hotel where Sue and I were staying.  We had a couple of bottles of wine chilling, and there was a bit of trading of corkscrews.  This was followed by a lovely dinner at Bandera with a little live Jazz.

The next day included a run on the lakeshore.  Well, the lovely bride and I ran on the lakeshore, Leon and Tommy were back at their respective digs.

Around noonish, Tommy and Leon were back at hotel, and there were lots of corkscrews available in a trading/buying/selling session.



Leon had brought a few.  I brought even less.  And, Tommy brought an entire suitcase full.

A few deals were made, and there was much laughter in between.

After a trading session, we headed off to the Purple Pig for lunch.  But, the lines were rather long.  So, I called RL–that being Ralph Lauren’s restaurant, not the wineleopard–to see how long the wait there was.  Over an hour, so we headed back to Bandera–did I mention the amount of Cubs fans that had invaded the city?

Another good meal!  That was followed by a walk on the lakeshore heading towards our old neighborhood.


What was remarkable, was how warm it was…!

After our walk, we headed back towards our hotel where corkscrew trading (and wine drinking) resumed in anticipation of dinner together at Smith and Wollensky.


Wine, conversation, laughs, and a bit of meat…  It was another fun evening out.  This was followed by a taxi back to the hotel, and farewells.  It was great to see you guys, and we look forward to the next adventure!



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