Love One Another

I generally don’t get political on here.  I recognize that we have our differences.  Still, I am taking a moment.

A decade ago, I was teaching at DePaul University, and it was the first evening of Intercultural Communication class, and before I handed out a syllabus, before I really said anything, I played Wheres the Love? by the Black Eyed Peas.

And, as the song came to an end, and handing out the syllabus, I began to have a discussion on what the lyrics said, and most importantly on how love is paramount.

Love?  Yes, Love.  Love in our sense of shared humanity.  Love, in our sense of respect for one another.  Love, in recognizing that it is within our diversity, that there is strength.  Love, as this is the only way to dismantle hate.

During this election, there has been a rhetoric of hate and fear from the candidate who, last night, won the election.  Many of those that support him, have bought into this hatred and fear.  That said, I also recognize, that there are that many more that supported Trump that do NOT hold these views.   Still, this was a key component of his message.

As a nation, it is imperative that we recognize the ignorance that remains, recognize the racism that is still present, recognize the misogyny that so many still practice, and recognize the discrimination and bigotry in which so many participate.  And, by shedding light on these dangerous (and sometimes deadly) belief systems, we can perhaps work to eliminate them.  And, indeed overcome these issues through love.

If I were to teach that class again this morning, a decade later, I would indeed start the same way.   Using the updated version of the song which was released earlier this year.

You can watch it on Youtube here.

Indeed, where’s the love?

Please.  Try and love one another.