a few long beach finds

So, the last few days, the lovely personal personal trainer and I have been Long Beach, California where we have been visiting family.  And, in between visits, we were able to steal away to a couple of antique shops.

Now, one of the places here, I have been visiting (and revisiting) for 25 years.  And, for all of the visits that have taken place, only one corkscrew has been purchased.  Granted, there was a time (believe it or not) that I didn’t collect corkscrews, so really it has only been about 18 years that I have only one corkscrew from that particular shop.

A couple of years ago, however, that antique mall opened a second location across the street.  And, there is one particular dealer that happens to always have corkscrews and bottle openers in his/her booth.  Usually Anri pieces that are bit over priced, but at least they know to pick them up when they see them.  And, this time around they did not disappoint, as amongst the Anri bits, there was a handsome Syroco Police Dog with bell assist.  The price was fair, and given we were getting a discount for paying cash,  I knew he would be coming home with us.

And, then, in the very next case (and a completely different dealer) I saw an odd looking bottle opener contraption.  In its original box, but with the lid obscured, you could see on the side of the box illustrations of its multiple uses.  Okay…  Can opener, can piercer, bottle opener…

But, does it have a corkscrew?  While I was looking at the side of the box, and trying to see the price, while we were waiting for one of the shop workers to retrieve a key, the lovely looking from above the piece, said, “It does have a corkscrew!”

Once the case was open, I had the piece in my hand and saw the name Pretorius.  I knew exactly what was now in my hands, even though I had never seen one in person.

While there have been several updates on O’Leary’s 1996 book on American patents, in 2009, the first update that was published on Bull’s website, and now is available on the ICCA’s website, in the PAT WANNABE section, there was the “Pretorius 8 in 1 OPENER” multitool with corkscrew.

Here is the one from the update…


The one that was now in my hands is in remarkable condition.  The box better than the one in the update, and the tool itself, looking like it was never used.  And, it also includes the original instructions.







A pretty cool find, and it actually has best 6 potential.



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