Unusual Antique Metal Medicine Cabinet With Overhead Rack & Corkscrew

So…  several years ago, I found a classified ad (online) from someone who had 50 medicine cabinets for sale, and as explained in said classified ad, the medicine cabinets had upon them a corkscrew.  There were no pictures, and even after contacting the person, no pictures were ever provided–nor were any medicine cabinets purchased.

But I did wonder what corkscrew might have been attached to a medicine cabinet; a Hoegger patent perhaps?

Well…  This morning while searching eBay, an interesting listing came up.  I have no idea if this is one of the 50 medicine cabinets with corkscrew that I had inquired about years back, but it IS a medicine cabinet with corkscrew.


This one definitely will NOT fit into the collection.  Still, it is pretty cool that it exists.


The seller’s opening bid is 195.00!

Who among us needs (or wants) a medicine cabinet with corkscrew?


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