Best 6 for 2016!


1. In 2014, I was fortunate to be able to acquire Anton Trunk’s 1886 U.S. design patent for a corkscrew (# D-16,799). As mentioned that year, I had added incentive to add the piece to the collection, as Anton Trunk has a connection to James D. Frary.

This year, I was lucky enough to acquire the other version of the patent.  This example maintains a bit more of her modesty, and is more reflective of the patent drawing. The one on the left is a bit more curvy and maintains her britches.  Both Trunks are unmarked (see O’Leary, 1996, p. 75).


2. Joseph A. Smith’s 1884 patented Corkscrew # 299,864.   Unmarked (see O’Leary, 1996, p.68).

3. 1907 Albert Dudly. Sr. patented Stopper Extractor #847,744.  Marked, DUDLY TOOL CO, MENOMINEE, MICH, PATENT PENDING (see O’Leary, 1996, p. 123).

4. In the late Bob Nugent’s article on Murphy corkscrews, he mentions a square challenge type, explaining “The Challenge and the Victor models are usually marked R. MURPHY BOSTON across the top of the open frame which is usually arched.  On example has square cut openings and is marked ROBERT MURPHY.  It is probably an early example.”


For nearly a decade, I have been hunting for this square cut version of the Murphy corkscrew, and managed to finally find it at the Brimfield Antique Show.   As Bob’s article explains, it is marked ROBERT MURPHY (see

5. F.P. Nobis’ 1906 patented Stopper Extractor #825,929.  Marked COMPLIMENTS OF THE AMERICAN CORK AND SEAL CO. PHILA, PA and on the reverse F.P. NOBIS MFG. CO, ADVERTISING SOUVENIRS, PHILADELPHIA, PA, PAT. 7.17.06 (see O’Leary, 1996, p.230 and Morris, 2012 

6. Marshall Weir patented Corkscrew #330,357.   Normally marked with the patent date of PAT. NOV. 10, 1885 and PEERLESS, this example does not have the patent date, and instead is marked PAT. APL’D FOR (see O’Leary, 1996 p.72).

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