Combination Bottle Stopper and Cork Screw

In a March 1891 issue of Pharmaceutical Era, a combination bottle stopper an cork screw is introduced:

Write to the Rhode Island Novelty Works, 33 Potter street, Providence, R.I., for prices on their combination bottle stopper and cork screw, a cut of which will be found on page –-.  This is just the thing to draw the cork and use as a stopper to seal the bottle so as to prevent gas from escaping or the liquid from deteriorating.  This company also make a specialty of a tap which they call “The Silver Lined Champagne Tap.”  The tubes of this tap through which the wine passes are lined with coin silver, making it impossible poisonous element to enter the wine.

Interestingly, the page number upon which the “cut of which” was to appear isn’t given.

Luckily I found it…

on page XIII


Do any of you have a stopper on the side of a direct pull corkscrew?

Do you have The Silver Lined Champagne Tap?