digging out… in preparation for digging out…

It is has been a little slow as far as corkscrew news as of late.  Not that I haven’t been purchasing a few here and there.  Still, there has been more time spent shoveling than there has been hunting for corkscrews.

Our little island has been largely without snow until recently.  And, then it decided to dump a fair amount.  10 or so inches the other day, and then that was followed by several inches yesterday.

This morning, I once again, dug us out, so we could run a couple of errands (wine and coffee, if you must know) and then cleared the parking area in anticipation of tonight’s snow fall (and tomorrow’s snow fall).

They are forecasting anywhere from 10-20+ inches of snow, with high winds, and gusts up to 60 knots.

That is just shy of 70 mph, for those of you playing at home…

The winds are supposed to start picking up in a couple of hours, and then the snow will begin to fall as well.

Fortunately, we do have a fair amount of wine on hand.  And, coffee…and, if we get desperate, we can snowshoe to the wine shop… After digging out of course.

Didn’t you mention corkscrews?

Yes, there have been a couple of corkscrews picked up here and there; a pair of celluloid folding shoes and another (yes, another) plain Detroit Puddefoot leg.



And, while I was not the winning bidder, not that there were any bids.  Some random seller on eBay, put a Tucker up for a Buy It Now of 299.00.  A smoking deal!  No one that I know of has come forth as the purchaser, but a nice price!

With errands addressed, wine stocked up, firewood at the ready, and knowing that all businesses on the island closing shortly–and almost none opening tomorrow due to the blizzard, perhaps a little perusing of eBay (and other sites) might garner a corkscrew or two.

Until then, if you are part of this upcoming blizzard, stay safe and warm.