End of an Era…

It has finally happened.  The well-loved and very-full corkscrew case, is heading to a new home.  And, the corkscrews have been packed up, and moved upstairs into the guest room, in anticipation of the their move to the new corkscrew room  and its unveiling.

The corkscrew case was an interesting adventure.  Whilst we were living in Chicago, I was perusing eBay one morning, and in the background of a listing for a completely different item, I could make out a small stack of flat files in the background.  I emailed the seller, and asked about them.  He explained that he had several from a recent buy, and wanted X for them.  He was in Madison Wisconsin (a mere 3 hours away), and I agreed to buy two sets of five drawers and a base.

The price was really fair, having seen them sell for 10 times the amount in Chicago.  I hopped in the xterra and drove to Madison.  When I got there, I realized how large the pieces were.  In total,  4 feet wide, 3feet deep, and in combination about 4 feet tall.

I needed a bigger vehicle.

So, not having a truck at the time, and knowing that my mini cooper would not be a bigger help.  I put one set of five drawers into the xterra, and promised to return.  And, I drove back to Chicago (a mere 3 hours away).

The next day, I drove back to Madison (a mere 3 hours away) and picked up the other pieces, and drove back to Chicago.

The following day, I visited antique dealer who does a little restoration, and asked him for a little help.  Please, clean these up, rip the top off of it, and oil it up.  And, after two visits, as only half would fit into the xterra, he took care of the job.

While he was lightly refinishing the case, I had a local glass shop create the top.  And, after two more visits to the antique shop, the case was then placed in the lower floor of our condo in Chicago.

And, there it sat for several years, with each drawer getting a few corkscrews.  And, then a few became a bit more, and a bit more, and then I had to empty it when we moved to Massachusetts.

Tommy was a beneficiary of that move, as after packing everything up, I had a huge box of common (and not so common) stuff.  I delivered it to his doorstep (a 20-30 pound box of corkscrews) whereupon he opened the door.  I handed him the box and said, “fifty bucks.”

The case was then delivered to Newton Highlands, where it lived the next few years in the second floor guest room.  Yes, guests had the collection to themselves.  Although, the third floor office had the Syrocos.

The case was emptied out once again when we moved to Vinalhaven.  But, it spent two years in a remote location while we were renovating our new place.  And, since 2011, it has been in the living room, a focal point of the house.

And, it has housed lots of corkscrews.


But, once again it has been emptied.

Now, it is heading to its new home at the Vinalhaven Historical Society.  Not because of its clear historical significance, but rather, it will help them store drawings and maps.

No more junk drawer, Ian.  But, there will be lots of corkscrews for you to rummage through on the next visit.  

The corkscrew room will have lots of display area, and a lovely view of the harbor.  But, I believe that I may need a few more corkscrews to fill the space.

The General Appliance wall mount, which arrived yesterday, will be a nice addition, but I need a few more!


Time to start hunting…

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