Well, I just looked at the calendar and realized two things.  One, I have been remiss in blogging.  And, two…we are pretty much midway through the corkscrew-collecting-year, and I need to buy/find more corkscrews!

It has already been a pretty good (half) year for corkscrew hunting already, and with Summer travels, corkscrew meetings, two more visits to Brimfield, and other wine related adventures, you never know what might turn up.

Tonight we are having a wine tasting at the shop, but tomorrow we begin a boat/road trip up the coast of Maine towards (and possibly into) Canada.  There certainly will be some antiquing along the way.

Still, at this halfway/midway point, I started to consider some of the better finds that have been made so far, and wonder if these will ultimately make the best 6 of the year.

While there have been many corkscrews already, here are the potential candidates…


The Voigt Brewing Davis

Spaulding Gorham Prongs

Ivory Handled H & B

Unusual (unmarked) cork extractor

General Appliance wall mount

Yes, I know that is only five…

I did pick up an interesting Thomason the other day with a really unusual fluted/ribbed barrel.  Unfortunately, it had a replacement handle–a poor choice at that…and similarly unfortunate, a marked Guinot worm.

I am still working on a more appropriate repair job, but I have no doubt this will find its way into another collector’s collection.


It could very well be that over the course of the coming months, corkscrews are found that knock all of the aforementioned five off the list.

At least we can hope!

Stay tuned…



One response

  1. Good Morning Joseph

    I like the look of your fluted barrel Thomason and was wondering what you wanted for it?

    Stephen Paul

    Sent from my iPhone


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