more catching up…

Okay…. so there is some more catching up to do…

After a few days in Amsterdam, the lovely personal personal trainer and I… Ubered (is that a verb?) over to Zaandam for the next segment of our adventure.

Arriving early…we were allowed to check in early, which was fortunate, as we had plans to hop on a train with Tommy (who had already checked into the hotel the day before) to Horn to visit Ferd & Mariet.

After a two-hour train ride, Ferd was waiting for us, and drove us to their home.  A fantastic mid-century house; wine was followed by wine which was followed by lunch which was followed by a viewing of the corkscrews.  And, the viewing of corkscrew was followed by more wine and more corkscrews.  It was a great time!


At the appointed time, Mariet delivered Tommy, Sue, and I to the train station, where we headed back to Zaandam and our hotel.

The next day was going to be the corkscrewteer adventure!  Our unofficial meeting; Robert and Marie France, Tommy, the lovely and I, and the Vrijland Family…  Leon and Saskia, in separate vehicles, scooped us up at the hotel, and we headed over to their place.  Wine, corkscrews, wine, and more wine, it was great to see the collection, catch up a bit, and meet the kids.


Corkscrew viewing and deals was followed by a lovely lunch, and this was followed by a return to corkscrewing around.  And, this was followed by a fantastic multi-course dinner with wine pairings for each course where Nic joined us as well.



An outstanding welcoming adventure; especially given the pressures of hosting a meeting in the following days!


The next day the meeting was to begin.  Registration, reception, followed by a gala dinner.  Members of the CCCC enjoyed the evening; wine, food, and a convivial atmosphere!   Peter managed to arrive, albeit a bit late, to the party!


The following morning it was time for the auction and buy and sell.  Lots of corkscrews changed hands, and two of the pieces that I picked up at the antique market in Wiesbaden found new homes.


Following the buy and sell and auction, we headed off for a boat ride where we saw many windmills.  More details on the meeting  and our adventures together in the upcoming Quarterly Worme (for those of you that are CCCC members).


This was followed by yet another lovely dinner!

The next morning was both the AGM and the Show and Tell.  The lovely personal personal trainer and Tommy presented on the 2018 meeting; to be held in Portland, Maine, and there was a vote for the 2019 meeting.  And, a collective of Brits won the vote with 2019 to be held in Warwick, England!

After the meeting, there was a group lunch, where many attendees exchanged goodbyes, hugs, handshakes, and “see you next year in Maine.”

Sue had arranged a bottle of Champagne to be delivered, and with just a small group of us, we toasted our hosts.  A great job Leon, Saskia, Ferd, and Mariet!

Many of the attendees departed following the meeting and lunch, but a few of us stayed on for one more night.  And, after regrouping, we headed out as a collective to find dinner.

Early the next morning, a taxi took us to the Amsterdam airport, where after a kind of crazy bag checking frenzy, we made it through security, boarded our plane, and headed for Boston.

All in all, the travel went off without a hitch, and we made the drive back to Rockland, stopping off to pick up Philos along the way.

The last few days have been playing catch up at the shop, unpacking corkscrews, and looking forward to our next corkscrewy adventure.

More corkscrew news as it happens!

Stay tuned