Factual answers, also some conjecture…

The other day, there was a Williamson Bullet roundlet listed on eBay with a fairly low buy it now price.  The roundlet had an advertising plate for Wm. J. KAMMER, WINES & LIQUORS, 1810-1812 BANK STREET, BALTIMORE, MD.


Also included in the listing was a reference to an issue of Gun Week from Friday Feb. 10, 1978.

Both the bottle and the article arrived yesterday.  The article in question, was apparently a section of Gun Week called Joe offers Factual answers, also some conjecture: Heritage & History


The article reads:

This week we have a number of interesting questions that should create some controversy in answers.  So let’s get right to them…

Every so often in our column we ask the readers to share some unusual items from their collections.  We make the point that if it is of interest to one collector, others would like to hear of it also.  Ralph White has submitted the following for comments from our readers.  Let Ralph know if you have seen or heard of the novelty item…

“Enclosed is a phot of an item I recently obtained.  I have never seen one before nor have any of my friends.

“As you can see it is a corkscrew, but the novelty is that the corkscrew folds back and is store in the case.

“The cartridge is about three inches long.  It is screwed together in the middle of the case; and when opened the corkscrew is slid along to an opening in the case, and a hinge arrangement makes it possible to bring out the screw at right angles.  Then the front portion of the case is screwed back in place and this locks the corkscrew in the position shown in the phot.

“The bottom of the case is stamped as follows—“WILLIAMS CO., PATENTED, JUNE 97, NEW-ARK, N.J.’

“It seems such an unusual item I thought I might like to share it with your readers.

“If you know of such an item and have any idea of its value I would appreciate any information you can offer.

“I really enjoy your column and also want to thank  you for past favors.”—Ralph L. White, 76 Barber St., Springfield, Mass 01109


I don’t know if Ralph ever got further information he was seeking, or if the corkscrew that came with the article was formerly Ralph’s.

More likely it wasn’t Ralph’s, as Ralph–who clearly was detail oriented–didn’t mention the advertising plate, that yet another Gun Week subscriber happened to see the article and had in their possession the Wm. J. Kammer Wines & Liquors roundlet, and cut out and saved the article to pair with his prized Williamson Bullet Roundlet!


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