Taps and Corkscrews for Effervescing Liquids



Clench the handle in the left hand with the nozzle projecting outward through the fingers.  With the right hand hold the bottle at the bottom (see Fig. C), and press or screw it (the bottle) forward.  When the point appears through the Cork, direct nozzle into the tumbler, into which, with a further turn or two, the liquid will rush.  Do not use corkscrew to break wire or string.  To preserve the remainder, draw or screw the bottle backwards till the holes are brought well within the Cork, afterwards keeping the bottle neck downwards.  The pointed form (Fig B.) should be withdrawn till about ¼ of an inch of the point shows.

  • Keep the internal slide tube shut whenever pasting through cork. When desired, push it open with the backs of the fingers of the left hand acting beneath the disc.



Just in case you have a Hooper’s patent, and wanted to use it…

On another corkscrew note: no corkscrews or moose were found at Moosehead Lake.  Although, we did utilize one on a great bottle of McPrice Meyers.

Of course, the big corkscrew news, is that there are 720 lots upon which to bid on the latest corkscrewcollectors.com auction.

Bid high, and bid often.  You can link to the auction here.


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