Narrowing the list

It is that time of year again.  26 days until the end of the fiscal-corkscrew-collecting year. And, while I would love to add a few more to the collection before the year is out, it is time to start narrowing the list of what will make the best six of the year.

And, as has become tradition, I put it out to you guys to vote on what should make the list.

For me, sometimes it isn’t about the rarest per se, but the most appropriateness of fit within the collection.  And, given that I focus on corkscrews of American manufacture, that certainly narrows the list already.

Still, feel free to vote below, and help me narrow the list!

It has indeed been a good year of corkscrew collecting thus far…

Of course, there were many other corkscrews picked up this year that could make the list but just didn’t make the cut.  And, there are those that have been traded away; The combination hammer with fold out corkscrew ended up with John Morris. The black and red legs that got traded away, but then ended up in Jose’s collection via the auction.  And, of course there was the folding Greeley that made its way into TC’s collection.

It is still a good time to be a corkscrew collector!  They are still out there.  Here is a small sampling of corkscrews that didn’t make the list, but might make someone else’s best 6!

That said, here are the 9 that are in the running, but it is time to narrow them down to six.

Of course, something could turn up in the coming weeks that makes the decision that much harder.

Still, feel free to weigh in.