Another corkscrew article

The other day I received an email asking if I would be willing to be interviewed for an upcoming magazine article on collecting antique bar and cellar instruments.

I, of course, agreed and the interview will be taking place over the next couple days.  Having written a fair amount, and having interviewed others myself, I know that it is sometimes helpful to get some background information.  So, in my affirmative response, I asked is there any specific information the writer was looking for.

One of the questions he responded with was: What are a couple of rare corkscrews they could find but probably won’t?



They probably won’t find a Philos Blake.  But, they could.

They probably won’t find a Russell.  But, they could.

They probably won’t find a Syroco Tramp in a box of kitchen stuff at a random flea market.  But they could.

They probably won’t find a folding Greeley bowl of folding button hooks.  But they could.

When I go out on the hunt for corkscrews, there are lots of rare corkscrews that I probably won’t find.  But,  the mere fact that there is a chance, even a slim one, that something rare, scarce, previously undocumented, unusual, desirable, etc., is what drives me.

It is the reason that we hunt.

And, no, I haven’t found  a Philos Blake (yet) other than the one laying at my feet, and I no I haven’t found a Russell (yet), but for all the Walkers, Williamsons, and Cloughs that you do find here and there, amongst them, there may be a Sperry or a White, or a Rees…   Hope springs eternal!

After the article is published, I will try and get a copy and post it here.

Maybe this it will pique the interest of a new collector or two.

And, while they may not find any rarities as they begin the hunt…they still could.




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