a little luck…

The lovely and I are back from our Vermont (or rather New York) adventure, but with no corkscrew finds from the trip.

I mean, we did find corkscrews, and we certainly used corkscrews, but those that we did find were of the more common variety.  And, those that we used, were those found in a kitchen drawer at the farm house we rented for the weekend.

As it happened, as we started off on our journey, we wanted to verify the address of the place we had rented.  And, while our initial search was Vermont, and we thought we had settled on Essex, VT, for some reason in AirBnB’s infinite wisdom, they put up a property in Essex, NY.

It was charming, allowed pets, and we booked it.  But, we didn’t notice it was Essex, NY until we had begun the journey.

New York it is.

Just on the other side of Lake Champlain, the farm house was a great place with a great location.   The owners, not ironically, farmers left several of their products for us upon our arrival, and we even managed to find yet another farmer/rancher who had grass fed / organic beef.

And, yes… they had filet mignon.

Over the few days traipsing up to Lake Placid and down to Lake George, we hit various antique shops, but as previously mentioned, nothing really worth picking up.

That said, I believe our luck is about to change, as on one of our morning runs, we did find something worth picking up.


The “lucky” horseshoe came home with us.

And, with lady luck winking up at us, who knows what corkscrews we might find next!

Stay tuned

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