Yesterday, I was working on final numbers for the upcoming ICCA and CCCC meetings, in anticipation of sending out invitations and registration forms in the coming week.

And, having crunched the numbers, and having many  many conversations with the lovely to ensure that neither of us has missed anything, I decided to take a quick break from contacts, emails, notes, and spreadsheets, and hopped on to eBay for a moment.

And, the timing couldn’t have been better.  I clicked my normal search, and what should come up but a lot of three corkscrews, with a Buy it Now or Best Offer option.


At first glance, I thought;

“Is that a Napier Sterling Hollweg in the picture?”

“I am pretty sure that is a Napier Sterling Hollweg in the picture.”

I was about to zoom in on the picture to get a better look, and then thought to myself,

“Why am I not simply clicking the buy it now button, it is only 8 dollars!”

Knowing that anyone else that saw this lot, would be jumping on it quickly, I did just that.

After completing payment, then I went back to the pictures.


Definitely a Napier Sterling Hollweg!

Better pictures when it arrives, but that was quite the deal!