Kinsey Confusion (Five Years Later)

Five years later after the 1948 article in The New Yorker,  Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey was set to release the follow up book, entitled Sex and the American Female.   And, in 1953, the Kinsey Distilling Corporation still benefitting from customers assumptions that there was a relation between the two enterprises, placed advertisements in various newspapers around the country in an attempt to limit the amount of labels, bottle tops, or simple requests that a copy of the new book, be went to consumers of Kinsey Whiskey or Kinsey Gin.

The following appeared in the Chicago Tribune:






We’re KINSEY, the Distiller…

We’re not Dr. Kinsey, the Author-Scientist…

Nor are we the publisher of his famous books.  TO OUR MANY FRIENDS:  Please don’t misunderstand this public notice.  We are delighted that many of you are acquainted with Kinsey Whiskey and Kinsey Gin.  We always enjoying hearing from you.

But it gets mighty embarrassing when you confuse us with Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey, author of “Sexual behavior on the Human Male” and the about-to-be published Sexual behavior in the Female”.

You see, we have absolutely no connection whatsoever with Dr. Kinsey or with the publication of his books.

The late J.G. Kinsey, founder of our distillery back in 1892, came from an old Pennsylvania Dutch family, long famous in distilling history.  He wasn’t even distantly related to Dr. Kinsey.

Dr Kinsey’s books are published by the W.B. Saunders Company, also a Philadelphia concern.  And, we have no connection with the Saunders Company.

So please don’t write us for copies of Dr. Kinsey’s book, as so man of you did five years ago.  The new Kinsey book sells for $8.00 at the book shoes and you can readily understand that we could not afford to send you a copy in return for a label or bottle top of Kinsey Whiskey or Kinsey Gin.  Nor could we do so legally, since the Government frowns on sex in the promotion of alcoholic beverage.

So, if you would like a copy of Dr. Kinsey’s new book, you will have to buy it from your book store or from the publisher.  That is what we’re doing friends.

Our best wishes to you all and to Dr. Kinsey, too.  We hope his new book is a great success.  We hope, too, that all you good people will let us go about our business of distilling and distributing Kinsey Whiskey and Kinsey Gin.



The hunt continues to find linkages between Syroco and Kinsey.  and hopefully in a couple of weeks the truth will reveal itself.  I will be headed to Syracuse and Syracuse University to look through their Syroco materials collection.

If anything comes to light, I will update you all here.