Winkelmeyer Brewing

This afternoon, I hopped on eBay for a moment, and there sat a Clough wire double helix corkscrew with brewery advertising with a buy it now of $17.50 or best offer option.

I weighed my options for a moment, but knowing that I couldn’t remember seeing that particular marking before, I opted not to make an offer, but instead, clicked the buy it now option.


Marked JUL. WINKELMEYER BREW’G. ASSN., word has already come through that only a few have been found.


And, after a brief exchange of messages, it has been placed in the Tipped Worm Johnny pile for a future deal.

On that note…  I was contacted by a brewery collector looking for the same corkscrew but with a marking for “M. SCHORR BREWERY WATERLOO, ILLS.”

If you have one, feel free to drop me a line.