bidding wars, a chinnock, and an alligator

The past few days have been corkscrew filled, with the auction having lots of corkscrews changing hands, and quite a few bidding wars between the usual (and sometimes not so usual) suspects.

Ladies legs with unusual stripes garnered much attention.  But, there were lots of bidding wars, large and small, for various pieces.   On many, Ion often won out, but a few others got to bellow a triumphant yelp of antique corkscrew glee, as each auction lot ended.

I missed out on a couple of lots, but not for a lack of trying.  The one I wanted most was the Hull MFG. compass piece that is headed to Romania.  This is the second example that I have seen. The other is in the Morris’ collection.

The only thing I did manage to pick up was a 1895 Brown patent frame.  It is in lovely condition, and will fit well into the collection.


That said, while many  were focused on the collectorcorkscrews auction winding down, another auction was ending on a non-ebay auction site, and I managed to pick up a carved alligator for a song–not that I actually sang.


In between the Saturday auction listings and the Sunday auction listings, the lovely personal personal trainer and I ran the Portland 10 miler–as one would guess–in Portland, Maine.  And, this afternoon headed off to attend to industry wine and beer tastings; a nice follow-up to a sunny 10 miler.


And, in between all of that, I decided to hop on eBay for a moment, and an interesting lot turned up.  Actually, it was a pretty lousy lot, with 30 corkscrews and openers, but a couple of the thirty are worth the price of admission.

It looks like a Chinnock there in the middle to the left


When the lot arrives in the coming days, I will report back with markings and such.

A corkscrew filled weekend, followed by a bit of wine.  A good few days.

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