Tales from Brimfield

For the first time in forever, rain was not in the forecast at Brimfield.

This, was a pretty good start…

On Monday the lovely personal personal trainer flew into Boston, having just been at a TRX conference in Austin, and I drove down from Rockland to a house we rented about 15 minutes from Brimfield.Upon her arrival, wine was opened and we toasted, amongst other things, to our next Brimfield adventure.

On Tuesday, at about 5:00 I headed off to the show, and she would be joining me later. A few corkscrews were about, but many of them pricey; a Mumford, sterling roundlets, requisite stag handle with Sterling… I left those behind, but did pick up a couple along the way.  The best piece, and a best 6 candidate, that ended up in my hands was a Monfort Champagne tap.

A rare American piece that has haunted me for years. Several years ago, I was at Brimfield and found a Monfort. But unaware what I had found, and with the price being fairly high, passed on it.

I figured I would ask BT about it at the next field.  At the next field, I saw Barry and mentioned it to him.  He smiled, and said, “you should have snapped that up,” and pulled the very piece from his satchel.

This time, it ended up in my bag…

A few photos from day 1

Day two started with another early start, and it was in short order the the first purchase of the day was made. Not a corkscrew but a cool beer tap for a song.

Knowing that some of the breweriana guys would be at the show, I put it in my bag. Then, I turned a corner, and saw three Meissen cork stoppers in a case. I asked to see them, and after unscrewing their corks, two turned out to be corkscrews. A deal was struck!

With the Meissens and the Monfort, this was becoming a really good show! And, as it happened, I did show the beer tap to a beer guy, who in short order gave up a chunk of change for it!

Here are a few other photos from day two:

I will add here, that the power cone was off the charts pricey.  And, it was still available when I last checked.

On day three, the lovely took off early for Maine and to pick up Philos from doggy daycare.  I headed back for May’s, and would see what might turn up before my own drive back to Maine.

A zig zag, two German perpetuals, and not much else… until…

Until I was offered a few ladies legs for a very fair price. Very fair!

Three legs, two Meissens, one Monfort…. a good show indeed!

Here are a few other photos from day three:

I made it back to Rockland early this evening, and will take the boat to Vinalhaven in the morning.

A great Brimfield adventure!


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