So, the wine shop has been taking my focus as of late, although there are antique corkscrews now for sale there amongst the wine, beer, and cheese.  And, of the couple of dozen I have put out, 10 have already found their way into interested customers hands.  And, one person explained that they had a collection of about 100 or so.  I asked her if she was a member of any of the clubs, and she looked at me with an inquiring glance.

Corkscrew Collecting Clubs?

She didn’t actually say that, but it was clear that she hadn’t heard of the CCCC or the ICCA.

We exchanged contact information, and I sent her a bit of information regarding the CCCC.

That said, the lovely personal personal trainer and I have escaped the island for a few days, and yesterday visited the Union Antiques Show.  In years past, I have picked up various interested corkscrews at this show.  And, this year, with rain threatening.  And, then rain not threatening, but actually pouring, there were less dealers than usual.

And, truth be told, there were less corkscrews than usual; A sterling Blackington boot, Williamson Roundlet, two interesting T’s although the ivory small one was tipped, a negbaur parrot, and a couple of Cloughs.

We meandered the aisles, were tempted by a couple of non-corkscrew items, but ultimately only purchased a Gyro, Falafel sandwich, and two beers.

Still, it was a good time, and you never know what you will find.


I did almost pick this up for Ian: an old sign from a Maine camp, “The Adlaide,” but then I realized it was missing the E in Adelaide.


The hunt continues….

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