More corkscrew stories…

There will definitely be more corkscrew stories to tell, and tales of our adventure together in Portland Maine at the CCCC AGM.  And, while much of these stories will be shared in the upcoming Quarterly Worme, here are a few photos from the meeting.


Lots of corkscrews changed hands.  I sold a fair amount, and during a boat ride around Portland, I struck a deal with Tipped Worme Johnny, for his much treasured, and not tipped, Moxie corkscrew.


Definitely destined for the best 6 of the year, I have coveted this piece for years.  And, there is a Maine connection with Moxie, as the inventor of Moxie was from Maine, and up until recently there was a Moxie Museum in Lisbon Falls, Maine.  I will try to connect with a couple of the Moxie historians to see if we can find more answers on this rare corkscrew.

There were a few more corkscrews added to the collection at the meeting as well; a larger version of the Greeley, a Sterling McLean patent marked with the patent date, and a few others.

The adventures continue today, as lots of CCCCers are coming to the island for a visit, and lunch, wine, and beer will be enjoyed by all.

Stay tuned!

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