mostly migrated and a lumpkin

Well, the website is mostly migrated to the new server, and much of it is up and running. And, now that we have that taken care of, it is back to corkscrewing.  Most importantly, the latest round of collector auctions will be open for listings on October 19th.

Who knows what might turn up?

On a personal corkscrew note, the other day I picked up one of those odd REG. US. PAT. PEND. DETROIT – B. BRO CO – 8062 LUMPKIN  double levers…


Little information has been unearthed about this piece, or who B. BRO.CO. was.  Still, I will see what I can’t turn up.  And, I will update if any information comes to light…



patented in Rockland Maine

For those of you that found yourselves traipsing around Maine last month searching for corkscrews, there is a corkscrew that was patented in Rockland Maine in 1882.

And, while I have blogged about the Aaron M. Austin patent (#266,073) previously (5 years ago or so) the other day, I managed to find a second example.


According to  Leading business men of Bangor, Rockland and vicinity: embracing Ellsworth, Bucksport, Belfast, Camden, Rockport, Thomaston, Oldtown, Orono, Brewer published in 1888, ““Austin’s Toilet Novelty,”  “gives but a very imperfect and inadequate idea of the many uses to which that truly wonderful combination tool can be applied…””

Marked with the patent date of  PAT 10-17-82, it is a very cool little combination tool.

That said, given that I already have one in the collection, perhaps a little trade could happen.

Anyone need the 1882 Austin patent?

Drop me a line.