Drink Rhens Water

From an 1893 issue of American Druggist and Pharmaceutical Record (Volume 23)

The Rhens Mineral Water

The Rhens Mineral Springs, of Rhens on the Rhein, have received the highest distinction at the World’s Fair in Chicago—Medal and Diploma.  The exhibit of Rhens Mineral Water is thus described:

The Rhens Mineral Springs have displayed their products in a most distinguished manner in the German section of the Horticultural Building, in a handsome kiosk built of natural polished oak and plate glass sides, in pure and graceful renaissance style, with simple but ornamental decorations containing a pyramid of the various kinds and sizes of bottles and jugs which Rhens Water is supplied.  The labels on these original containers are alternatively printed in many languages thus prominently call attention to the vast extent of the business, which extends to nearly all civilized countries of the world.

In the panels of the base of the kiosk, the exhibitors framed numerous excellent photographic views of their establishment.  The springs with the beautiful surroundings Rhein country, the bottling rooms and their machinery hall, thus graphically illustrating the immense proportions of their business to the sightseer.

The little spaces on the ledge of the case were filled with lithographed pamphlets for free distribution, in which the valuable medicinal and dietetic properties of this excellent table water are set forth in terse language, supported by statistics, analyses, and endorsements of distinguished origin.  The exhibit was a perfect little gem.  Well-planned, perfectly prominent advertisement for Rhens water, which has so quickly achieved great popularity in the United States during the past few years.  The importations of the water to this country last year exceeded a million bottles and jugs.


1885 Weirs American patent with patent date, advertising “”DRINK “RHENS WATER.”


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