one out of five…

Yesterday, I was going out about my usual business, and decided to take a quick break and check out what offering might have turned up on an online selling website.

And, what should appear but a listing for 5 antique corkscrews…

The  corkscrews were pictured individually, and the first one was interesting enough, but not worth the asking price.


I clicked to the next photo…



I clicked to the the third photo.


Okay, this is not looking remotely worth buying…

I clicked to the fourth photo.


Frary with oblong handle and button…  SOLD!

I didn’t bother with checking the fifth photo until after the sale was complete


One out of five, certainly isn’t bad.  Especially when it is a Frary corkscrew!

I will compare it with the others in the Frary collection when it arrives in the next day or so.

If it is a different variation, it could make the best 6 of the year!