A well-traveled pair of legs

A couple of months ago, I picked up a mother of pearl and striped pair of ladies legs corkscrew.


And, in short order, said pair of legs was put up for sale, and purchased by a collector in Switzerland.

Within a couple of days of the sale–this was mid December–the legs were shipped off to Switzerland via the U.S. Postal Service.

A couple of weeks later, I received an email from the purchaser asking about the whereabouts of the legs…

Having misplaced the customs form, I visited the post office here on Vinalhaven, and they quickly found a copy of the form.  Not a lot of shipments to Switzerland from Vinalhaven apparently.

With the customs number in hand, I went online to see if we could track down the legs.

And, we did.  They were indeed in Switzerland, and were set to be delivered…


I took a screen shot of what the tracking said, and sent it, as well as the tracking number, to the aforementioned purchaser.

Nearly four weeks after they were shipped, the tracking said, the legs were out for delivery.

When I checked again, a few days later, the tracking said, delivery attempt made…

An attempt?

A few days later, I checked the tracking again, it also read out for delivery.

Okay… they are soon going to be delivered

Around this time, I set it up with the USPS that I would receive emails to notify me as to the delivery.  I wanted to be sure that the legs made it to their new home.

But, no email saying “delivered” came.

Instead, over the last two weeks, I have received emails explaining the legs were now in New York, back in Maine, and as of yesterday, back on Vinalhaven.

This morning, they will again begin their second trek to Switzerland, and we shall see what happens.