Clough’s Cork Handles

From an 1876 issue of The Publisher’s Weekly

“CLOUGH’s CORK-HANDLE. The latest article designed for a permanent cork – handle is Clough’s Cork-Handle, patented April 1975 and sold by R.G. Hutchinson 44 Malden lane.


The price of this little article will ultimately insure its universal use, it being sold at $1.50 per gross for all sizes. The Ne plus ultra corkscrew is the neatest as well as simplest, best, and cheapest earticle of the kind in the market. Price-list on application.”

Several years ago, I found a small box of Clough’s Cork Handles…


That would be Clough’s patent (No. 161,755).

And, at some point, I traded it away to Ron MacLean.

In a recent deal, the Clough’s Cork Handle box, containing Clough’s Cork Handles, are heading back to Vinalhaven.


Thanks for the deal Ron.

I actually can’t remember what I got in exchange for these in our initial trade, but I am happy to have them back in the collection!


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