Happy Days are here Again!!!

It is that time of year!  Spring has arrived.  Baseball season is about to start.  The corkscrewcollectors.com auction is just around the corner, and happy days are here again!!!

Not that we were having sad days, but out here on the island the skies are blue, the snow is gone, and while still chilly, Spring definitely is in the air!!!

Speaking of Happy Days, yesterday, I spotted an odd bottle opener in a lot on eBay.  And, it looked vaguely familiar.


This one…


There was a buy it now on the listing, so I snapped it up.

And, as I am want to do, I started to thumb through O’Leary, as I was going through the pages, I thought to myself…you know, it kind of looks like a 1908 Vallandingham patent.

Now, the Vallandingham patent usually turns up as an attachment to a knife kit.  So, you would think that it couldn’t be a Vallandingham.


However, when you read the 1908 Vallandingham patent description, it explains that:

“This invention relates to a cork extractor for withdrawing cork stoppers from the mouths of bottles, the object of my invention being to produce a simple, cheap, and convenient article that can be carried in the pocket, or on a key ring, and used for extracting corks from stopper bottles.”


Later, in his description here refers to the drawings explain that, “A hole 10 in the head 2 enables the extractor to be attached to a key ring or hung up in some convenient place.”

Of course, as mentioned, the Vallandingham is an 1908 patent.  And, “HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN” as the piece is marked, seems to date to post prohibition.


This opener is marked PAT PEND., could this be another patent closer to the 30’s?  What do you think?


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