Happy Days versus Val-Ber Pull

After the Happy Days Are Here Again opener purchase, and the Vallandingham comparison, in doing a bit of research,  I found a picture of the Vallandingham cork extractor as an opener, in a 2007 issue of the Just For Openers newsletter.


It does have a similar look to the recent purchase, but it is definitely the Vallandingham, as not only does it an advertisement for VAL-BER PULL Co., OSKALOOSA, IOWA, it also carries the patent date PAT APR 7-08

The Val-Ber Pull extractor was available in 1914 in the catalogue of Iowa Drug Company, Drugs, Chemicals, Staple–Druggist Sundries, and Specialties


For $1.50 per dozen, to the local drug store.



There clearly are differences between the two pieces, but both seem to be a both a bottle opener and cork extractor:


If you have the VAL-BER-PULL opener with cork extractor, I would be happy to trade for it, or offer to buy it.

Also, TWJ is on the hunt for the Happy Days opener.  If you have that  one, drop me a lines and I will forward your contact information to Tipped Worm Johnny.