Henckel v. Sunderland

Yesterday, I came across an interesting listing for a corkscrew for sale on a non e-Bay website.

I examined, checked photos, and hemmed and hawed over whether to buy it or not.

The price was fair enough, but being at the wine shop, reference books were not at my disposal.  Of course, that crazy Internet was available, and I went about trying to figure out what I was looking at.  It looked familiar enough, and then I thought it would be a better idea to buy it, and then figure it out, rather than wait for someone else to buy it, whilst I was figuring it out.

I clicked the appropriate buttons, and the corkscrew is heading for Vinalhaven.

After securing the deal, I looked closely at the images and there are no markings described by the seller.  Still, it is a rack and pinion mechanism but clearly not the London Rack.

After a little digging around on the past listings of the corkscrewcollectors.com auction site, I got a few answers.

Once it arrives, I will check closely for markings, but in the past listings this has been sold as the 1870 Sunderland, and marked for Henckel’s.  Of course, the other version of the Sunderland is marked PATENT 2841, with the side handle affixed at the base of the frame rather than higher up.

After getting home, I cracked open the wcc book, and on page 282, a similar corkscrew appears, again attributed to Edwin Sunderland, but bearing the mark “J.A. HENCKELS SOLINGEN” marking.

All that being said, a very cool corkscrew!