Packing up for the AGMs

Today the lovely personal personal trainer and I hop on the boat, and make our way to Rockland.  A few chores to be done on the mainland, and then we fly from Owl’s Head to Boston, and Boston to London.

A few days kicking around London, and then we are off to Stockholm.  A few more days in Sweden, then we fly to Oslo, Bodo, and finally Lofoten for the International Correspondence of Corkscrew Addicts’ Annual General Meeting.


It will be quite the adventure, and it will be fun to see old friends.

Following the Lofoten meeting, we fly back to Oslo, back to London, where we will hop in  a Jaguar and motor to Stratford-upon-Avon for the Canadian Corkscrew Collectors Clubs’ Annual General Meeting.


Again, it will be fun to connect with old friends and so many collectors that will be attending.

There certainly will be corkscrew tales to tell!

I will post photos to Corkscrewing Around when I can.  And, of course, will post a wrap up blog after we return.

For those attending, see you all soon, and safe travels!




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